Blame the scary Omicron variant, not the crappy vaccines

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November 29, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

It is amazing to me how drug and biotech stocks to this day, 20 years after I started as a Wall Street analyst, are still so easily misunderstood by the “dumb money” in Wall Street. Look at this chart of Moderna before the recent few days. The fact that it went sky high and then crashed is proof that people did not understand the vaccine issues.

Now, this second chart that includes the last few days is proof again that the markets are completely misunderstanding this Omicron variant. Instead of the markets realizing that it is fearmongering to cover up the fact that the vaccines no longer work (i.e., blame the variant, not the vaccine), and that the companies will have to make brand new vaccines that will not be ready for three months, and that in meantime we will have oral pills approved, the dumb money is thinking that this fourth wave will increase demand for booster shots.

What has changed in 20 years is what “dumb money” is now. It is small individual daytraders using RobinHood. They are treating Moderna as a meme stock. In the old days, dumb money was simply the mutual funds.

Of note, I call it “dumb money”, but that implies humans are behind this. It is all really just basic physics. The entire stock market is inflated because the global banks are printing money. That pressure flow inflates the stock bubbles. Yes. Some dumb guy is really behind the actual trade, but they are doing what they have to do. They are not dumb at all because they still get paid even when their hedge funds and ETFs lose money for investors. The real dumb money are the little guys downstream impacted in their 401K or positions in hedge funds.

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