Why were the American vaccines made against just the spike protein?

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November 30, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Predictably, like all coronaviruses, the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) virus has mutated to the point where the vaccines are no longer effective. The J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines all have in common that they create antigens to mimic the spike protein on the actual virus. They are very narrowly targeted vaccines against a specific singular protein, and that is why the new mutated virus are not stopped.

Meanwhile, the Chinese-made vaccine called CoronaVac targets multiple different proteins on the membrane of the virus, not just the spike protein. It appears as if that vaccine is working better now than the American vaccines against mutated variants.

Why did all of the drug makers outside of China decide to use the same strategy of targeting just the spike protein? Who gave them the genetic information and blueprint to make a vaccine? Anyone has read my book Tony’s Virus knows the answer.

Anthony Fauci fully admits in a Washington Post Op-Ed that in order to justify his risky gain of function research they created these man-made viruses (i.e., weapons of mass destruction) for the sole purpose of creating vaccines against them. Their “gain of function” (i.e., a euphemism for genetic engineering) research focuses on manipulating the spike protein. Therefore, the only thing the shortsighted dimwits in the Fauci-NIH labs knew how to make were vaccines against the spike protein. In fact, Moderna got its start from NIH lab technology and funding. The US government and Moderna are dueling it out in patent court right now.

(There is another question as to why all of these American vaccines are using the untested new technology of gene therapy to manipulate the host into creating the spike proteins from their own cells. That is not how vaccines have ever worked before. Normally, a vaccine is just a chunk of the virus, or the actual virus that has been rendered unable to hurt the patient. The Chinese CoronaVac made by SinoVac is made this way. It is beyond the scope of this essay to speculate as to why the NIH preferred powerful gene therapies. Many conspiracy theories exist.)

All in all, this means that Anthony Fauci and his “virus mitigation strategies” failed on many levels. First, he created the virus and outsourced its production to China in order to skirt the regulatory eyes of the United States agencies. When the virus leaked, he sent the drugmakers on a fool’s mission to make a vaccine against just the spike proteins knowing that the spike protein easily mutates. China saw the flaw in this and created a different vaccine against a broader picture of the virus.

Faced with this epic failure, outsmarted by the Chinese, the federal government and Big Pharma are in panic mode. Not only are their vaccines no longer working, but they have created a population with inferior immune systems that make them more vulnerable to hospitalizations.

The drugmakers can keep expanding boosters into every age population and requiring them every three months, but it won’t do any good. Their only hope is to launch a massive propaganda campaign to attempt to blame the unvaccinated for all of this. They are in finger-pointing mode now.

The drug companies are not stupid. They know they will be exposed soon. Look for Merck and Pfizer to start emphasizing in their propaganda campaigns the importance of oral therapies once their pills become approved in about two-weeks.

Update August 31, 2023-

New study tested humans who had received the COVID gene therapy “vaccines” and found that the man-made, or recombinant, spike protein was still being made by the host cells at least 6-months after injection. This means that the “vaccines” are gene therapies that permanently alter your genes.

Update February 15, 2024-

FDA Director Dr. Peter Marks Says They Received an ‘Avalanche’ of Adverse Event Reports After the COVID-19 Vaccines Were Released “We tried to be prepared for that but the avalanche of reports was tremendous.”




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