Propaganda from the AMA to support the Biden vaccine mandates

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January 8, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As readers know well, I am very disturbed by the crimes against humanity perpetrated by MD’s in white coats. My profession has lost almost all of the goodwill it created over centuries. I used to enjoy the deserved trust of people when I told them that I was a doctor. Now, I am seeing more and more people recoil at the term.

The medical profession was hijacked by the far-left decades ago when independent businesses became part of large hospital networks. Those hospital networks are pseudo-government entities, which means they are Democrat-run job creation programs. In most cities, hospitals are the biggest employers.

When the pandemic became exploited in 2020 to allow mail-in ballots, far-left, pro-BLM, woke doctors began to scare the spineless hospital leaders into submission. Soon, crimes against humanity were common.

Now, the AMA has become overtly political. It filed an amicus brief to support the private-sector vaccine mandates that use OSHA as enforcement.

This is what AMA President Gerald Harmon, MD wrote in a blast email. It is classic Orwellian doublethink propaganda.

“Our ethical obligation as healers and health professionals to always put the health and safety of our patients first carries an awesome responsibility that also requires us to become vaccinated against COVID-19. We are not going to wish and hope our way out of a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 800,000 of our fellow citizens. When it comes to defeating the devastating illness and death associated with this virus, we have only one weapon: widespread vaccination.”

But widespread vaccination is not the “only weapon” to treat this or any other respiratory viral outbreak. He has no evidence to support this. In fact, we now have irrefutable evidence that the vaccines not only have lost efficacy, but are actually conferring NEGATIVE efficacy, or are making the vaccinated more likely to get sick from the virus (not counting the illnesses from the vaccine adverse reactions, which include death).

Then, he writes, “Health professionals have an ethical duty to put patients’ health and well-being first. Universal vaccination is necessary to protect health care professionals and their families, but also the patients who seek their care. In many cases, health care employers have required staff members to receive vaccinations for influenza, hepatitis B and pertussis for many years now, which reinforces the feasibility of COVID-19 vaccination.”

Vaccine mandates are all about putting the well-being of the hospital or teacher union employee first, not the patient. Children are 99.9% immune from the SARS-CoV-2 in 99.9% and most adults also will survive in over 90% of the cases. The total number of hospitalized COVID cases have been wildly inflated and it was intentional.

Regarding his second point about other vaccines being mandatory, those are not the same as COVID. Those diseases of hepatitis B, pertussis, etc. are many magnitudes greater in virulence than COVID. More importantly, they are not respiratory viruses. Unlike blood-borne or body-fluid transmitted hepatitis or bacterial pertussis, asymptomatic people of respiratory viruses do not spread the disease (according to a senior W.H.O. virologist and even Tony Fauci)

Then, the political hack states, “New modeling by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is spreading rapidly across the U.S., compounding the immense pressures placed on health care systems by the Delta variant. Clearly this is not the time to relax vaccination requirements for health care workers, when instead we should be encouraging all eligible people to receive boosters.”

This is true, but he leaves out the fact that Omicron is as benign as the common cold and that vaccines have zero efficacy against Omicron. The W.H.O. and vaccine makers have all admitted this.

Lastly, he states, “Our AMA Code of Medical Ethics calls on health workers to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and friends—and most importantly, to protect the health and well-being of those who turn to them for care.”

Well, it is a good thing that the “AMA Code of Ethics” is not a real thing in that it does not apply to anyone.

Gerald Harmon will soon be seeing a different political world in 12-months. These crimes against humanity that he is committing will be investigated. There will be a reckoning.

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