Explaining the Comirnaty and EUA-approved vaccine confusion

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April 22, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The FDA this week revoked the approval for the “mono-valent” COVID vaccines. The move generated quite a buzz among the wonks who follow this. Many claimed the FDA was flat out lying to the public. For example, this tweet to Elon musk was ambiguous and designed to confuse the lay person.

Let me explain what is happening.

The Pfizer and Moderna “mono-valent” vaccines were removed from the market this week by the FDA in an effort to promote the new “bi-valent” versions. The agency stated, “The mono-valent Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use in the United States.” The agency left out the word “emergency”, but this explains the tweet to Elon about the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) being revoked.

But what does that mean? The Comirnaty vaccine by Pfizer that was supposedly fully approved (i.e., not just an EUA) was never actually manufactured. The first vaccines, which had the EUA until this week, are what were given to billions of people. But we know nothing about those even after Senate hearings.

The FDA stated that the EUA versions are “legally distinct” from the fully approved Comirnaty (that was never actually produced). So, what is in this mystery gene therapy drug? The large fold-out paper insert labels inside the vaccine vials are literally all blank. You can use them as bird cage lining.

You read that correctly. The unsafe and ineffective vaccine given to billions of people has no FDA label because it is a large piece of blank paper. The explanation was that the data were coming in too fast to print a label. That is hogwash, of course.

The question of what was in the ingredients of the vaccines is not a moot point. People are now suffering from turbo cancer and heart ailments because of lingering spike protein created by the gene therapy vaccines.

There is growing evidence that the gene therapy in the vaccines was delivered by DNA plasmid technology as opposed to the mRNA mechanism widely advertised. There is also reason to believe that the spike protein was attached to a man-made graphene-based nano-particle created by Francis Collins’ own NIH (via the military).

Nobody outside of the government and Pfizer seem to know the answer to these questions. This week, I went to a gathering of experts on this in Boston, who were attending the Bobby Kennedy event. None of the big social media doctors had a clue. All of them still assumed that mRNA was the mechanism for the creation of the spike protein.

The vaccine pushed upon billions of people is now causing massive adverse events and deaths. It has been swept under the rug by the FDA move to revoke EUA. In its replacement is a “bi-valent” vaccine that was approved without human trials.

Where do we stand now? First, the original vaccines (i.e., the mono-valent versions) that billions of people received are indeed off the market since the EUA was revoked on the mystery version and the Comirnaty “approved” version was never actually manufactured. Secondly, the vaccine available now has not been tested on humans.

As the rest of the world bans the vaccines altogether (and China never used them at all), the United States, under Joe Biden, is still pushing completely untested and unsafe mystery vaccines (with blank FDA label inserts) for a viral pandemic that no longer exists. Every person from newborns to elderly are being harmed, and not even the Republican House committees are stopping it.

Update June 5, 2023-

  • DOD ‘bait and switch’ with emergency and licensed COVID vaccines killed student, lawsuit alleges- George Watts died of “vaccine-related myocarditis” six weeks after second dose of Pfizer EUA vaccine that DOD passed off as approved version Comirnaty, his estate claims.

Update August 4, 2023- The Australian Senate convened a hearing on the Pfizer “vaccines” and grilled Pfizer executives. They confirmed that Pfizer employees received a special batch of the vaccine. This has many speculating that they received saline injections. Recall, it was never confirmed whether or not the Pfizer CEO received his own vaccine. This


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  1. Mike Howard says:

    Did Bobby have anything to say about all this?

  2. Margaret McGregor says:

    Not only has the United States under Joe Biden pushed the vaccines on the American people, they continue to push them on anyone wanting to fly to or through the U.S. This has to be an international crime!

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