Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is a viable candidate for 2024

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April 20, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have avoided airports for years out of fear that I will be stranded on the tarmac due to pilot shortages, etc. However, I mustered the energy to fly a nonstop JetBlue from Palm Beach to Boston yesterday to attend the Bobby Kennedy announcement ceremony for his presidential run.

First, as if God wanted it to happen, the traveling was glitch free. The JetBlue flight was on time and the Uber from the airport to the Downtown hotel was only 12-minutes. Coming back that evening, I screwed up and had only 40-minutes to get from the hotel to the gate. I made it with spare time.

(Of note, JetBlue is much better than American or Delta. The seats are large, the Internet works, and the flights are nonstop for much of the coastal routes. They do not serve the in-between-coast of the country much.)

The security was tight. I was not allowed to bring my briefcase and laptop in. That is why I had no tie on. It was in my briefcase. The security looked like badass MMA fighters.

My recent work with Bobby’s Children’s Health Defense (paper coming out soon) enabled me to have good access. I was in the front row and able to meet Bobby afterward.

Bobby’s speech was better than expected. He did not back down from his populist stances against the CIA, lockdowns, vaccines, censorship, etc. The propaganda arms of the Deep State and CCP will hate Bobby more than Trump.

The crowd was mostly independent thinking conservative who also support DeSantis, Trump, etc. However, they are willing to vote for Bobby.

My assessment of his candidacy is that it is very viable. There are several reasons.

First, Biden will not be healthy enough to run. That means the CCP and Deep State will try to push Gavin Newsom. They will have to do some serious election rigging to make that work (Like they did to sabotage Bernie in favor of Hillary in 2016).

Then, because he is a Democrat with a great family name for Democrats, he can win California, New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, etc., unlike a Republican. I have previously detailed how no Republican has a chance to win in 2024 due to the electoral college.

I plan to support RFK, Jr. for those reasons. I still like DeSantis as well. Stay tuned.

Update June 20, 2023-

RFK received long lines to hear him give his foreign policy speech

Update may 13, 2023- RFK is tied with Biden

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3 Responses to Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is a viable candidate for 2024

  1. Charles CARROLL says:

    If you want to get a feel for his deep understanding of issues you really should go back and read, The Real Anthony Fauci book that he wrote. Highly detailed and very interesting.

  2. Chester says:

    What is Kennedy’s view on the border? Trans push to children? Education? How about turning around the economy? BLM socialism?

    The attack on whites and Asians by the media and in college and jobs affirmative action.(see South Africa article) I don’t see anything in his background on getting companies back to usa and deporting millions of illegals nor cleaning up the DC swamp.. I still believe trump is the only one to change the deterioration of the country.
    DeSantis has gone RIno

    I’d be more inclined to go tulsi than a Kennedy.

    Problem with democrat is committees and not getting rid of democrats middle men in every govt agency fbi cia

    A friend who grew up in South Africa sent this to me today. With the race divide being pushed by Biden it is scary that this might be our future.

    4 more years of democrat control and South Africa doesn’t seem too far off.

  3. Mike Howard says:

    It was an excellent speech by RFK Jr. You are correct about the audience. I had a chance to casually interview more than a few people, and for the most part, these people want medical freedom and a chance for their children to be healthy.

    I loved when he commented that he has so many skeletons in his closet that if they were able to vote he could become the king of the world never mind the U.S. President. People should take the time to watch his entire speech on Youtube and read his platform points at

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