The vaccine companies must be stopped

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November 2, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD (doctor and Big Pharma Wall Street analyst for two-decades)

This is the problem with growth when it comes to publicly traded companies. They have to keep growing at all costs or else they are viewed by investors and the markets as a failure. That means they start to make all sorts of bad business decisions and engage in criminal activity. They become like a metastatic cancer that kills the host.

Pfizer reported earnings. Once the Lipitor cardiology company that failed after that drug lost patent protection, it is now a pure-play vaccine company. Half of all of its revenue is from the COVID vaccines that were supposed to be a one-time emergency therapy allowed to be rushed through in “warp speed” because there was a super scary pandemic (and because the head of the FDA, Stephen Hahn, went on to work for Moderna, and his boss, Alex Azar, was a Big Pharma lobbyist)

So, how do they top that? How do they keep this going?

Sure enough, they have studies underway now to give this ongoing, never-ending, “vaccine”, which is really a gene therapy, to newborns. They are testing it in six-month-old and over now.

There is zero evidence that babies need this. There is zero evidence that five-year-olds need this. There is zero evidence that anyone under the age of 18 needs this.

When I say “zero”, that is what I mean. If one follows the FDA panels, the vaccine companies had no efficacy data at all in young people. The FDA based their approval on theoretical models with extremely poor predicative power. That is because the actual outcomes they would have had to measure, which are actual cases of Covid in kids, are so rare that they could never have been able to do a clinical trial.

Meanwhile, on the global stage, these pharmaceutical companies are a powerful component of this “great reset” oligarchy. Big Pharma has a huge sway over politics in Europe, more so than in the U.S. Big Pharma is like Spectre in the James Bond movies. It is an evil empire coming for you and your babies. Big Pharma wants to edit your genes with future “vaccines” made possible by the inevitable next pandemic.

Update November 11, 2021- After denying any knowledge of cases of cardiac adverse events, Moderna hosted a conference call admitting to it all. But the damage was done. Their lies got the crooked FDA to approve their shots and also helped get Pfizer’s approval.

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