Fauci admitted in 2019 that a pandemic could be used to expedite untested vaccines

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December 8, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I previously explained why the various mRNA vaccines were designed to create just a single spike protein antigen for the immune system to detect. Normally, vaccines use entire attenuated viruses so that a much wider spectrum of antibodies are produced. This singular spike protein idea was the downfall of the vaccines and the reason the original virus so easily muted out of their reach.

But why was the never-approved, never-tried-before, mRNA technology, which is gene therapy, used instead of a traditional vaccine. The Chinese used a traditional method with CoronaVac vaccine made by Sinovac (as did the Novavax company) and their vaccines still work.

In October of 2019, Fauci and BARDA director Rick Bright openly pondered during the Milken healthcare event how an urgent pandemic could be used to expedite a new technology like mRNA. The moderator from the New Yorker is in love with the idea of “blowing up the system”. Just watch the gleam in the moron’s eyes.

It is astonishing how dimwitted these nerds are. Any scientist should be well aware that biology is complex and that simplistic models, like their mRNA vaccine against a single protein, will not work. But mRNA and the spike protein were the tools they had in their stupid little illegal labs, and that is the prism from which they saw the world of virology.

Update December 8, 2021- Tucker Carlson confirmed much of this story tonight. He had Glenn Beck on who confirmed everything above.


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