PEP allow serious crime in parks to skyrocket

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hudson-river-park-new-york-600x400March 12, 2014- The WSJ reports, “Major felony crimes in 31 of the city’s biggest parks increased nearly 18% in 2013 compared with the previous year, pushing the yearly total to the highest level since officials began collecting data for these parks in 2009. Major felony crimes citywide remained essentially constant in 2013—rising 0.17%—compared with the previous year.”.

A chart in the WSJ shows that most of the crime is theft, and likely of Apple computer products. BatteryPark.TV has warned of this taking place in our own Mayberry BPC.

The blame for park crime soaring almost 20% while non-park crime was flat can only be pinned on the Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP), which are utterly inept. Ironically, when most long-term residents of BPC believe that our PEP are an asset. In fact, they simply cause a reduction of policing by real NYPD, thereby making the area less safe.

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  1. jfc says:

    Hudson River Park is completely mismanaged.

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