Will Vesey Street become a Downtown version of Times Square with lights?

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Vesey lights 2March 8, 2014- By Steven E Greer

With El Vez restaurant installing numerous large neon lights on Vesey Street, and Blue Smoke already having their own, will the strip become a mini-Times Square?

El Vez was approved by the CB1 to have outdoor seating that will extend all the way from Blue Smoke, around the corner, to the entrance of the Conrad Hotel. On the South side of the Street will be Parm restaurant and another yet to be names restaurant. In between it all will be the entrance to Brookfield Place shops and the Goldman Sachs alley.

Adding to the Times Square feel, on the westernmost end of Vesey Street is the NYMEX building, which is being gutted and concerted into retail and commercial shops as well. At the far east of Vesey is the new One World Financial (Freedom Tower) and the 9/11 memorial.

Times are a’changin

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