Federal DOJ’s Preet Bharara gets tough on New York real estate families

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JPMorgan Chase To Pay 1.7B To Victims Of Madoff Scheme

Update November 14, 2014- Preet is now helping a woman in the lower East Side avoid eviction. She claims her dog is needed for her mental health.

March 17, 2014- The Post reports that Preet Bharara’s Second District of the DOJ is now going after the Related Companies empire for ignoring regulations in the Disabilities Act. This comes shortly after the New York state division of human rights sued Milstein Properties over a squabble with a man claiming to need therapy dogs for a slight hearing impairment, even though the dog does not live in his apartment.

The state and federal prosecutors seem to have been given the green light to be tough on, not only on slum lords but also, the fancy elite royalty of New York real estate.

Local man convinces the State of New York to sue on his behalf in dog dispute

Exclusive: Milford Management’s Lorraine Doyle “retires”

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