Judge scolds WTC BASE jumpers, won’t toss case

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Rossig parachute WTCUpdate November 18, 2014- the daredevils had their day in court and the judge scolded them, refusing to drop the case, reports the Post.

March 24, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV was the first to report that the September 2013 mystery parachutists who landed at the foot of Goldman Sachs had started their jump from the top of the One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower). However, at least five major news sources all failed to cover the story, despite its huge importance, and it easily being verified (BP.TV had offered to introduce the journalists to the actual eyewitness at Pick-A-Bagel).

When the 16-year-old kid made news last week for breaking past WTC security and getting to the top, CBS news finally reported on the parachutists from September as being a second security breech. However, even CBS failed to report that they jumped from the WTC, despite BatteryPark.TV telling the head of news the entire scoop.

Today, the Daily News reports that the police have finally charged the parachutists for their WTC jump in 2013. Why the authorities waited so long is unclear. The two thrill seekers were arrested last year right after their jump.

This story is a case study in mainstream news, and how the vast majority of worthy news never makes it past the editors. BP.TV knows for a fact that reporters working at three of the largest newspapers wanted to cover the parachutist story, but were unable to get it approved by their editors.

BatteryPark.TV, “We inform”.

Parachutist Rossig WTC

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