FiDi’s P.J. Clarke’s goes out of business

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Clarkes Standard front blurAugust 22, 2014- A real estate blog reports that a P.J. Clarke’s burger joint in FiDi has gone out of business. BatteryPark.TV reviewed it last year and found it to be quite disgusting.

No one can “see dead people” better than BP.TV. In this case, we spotted that the company was cutting corners but not hiring managers, and allowing untrained staff to make poorly prepared food.

Clarke burger in handThe BPC Clarke’s also suffers from horrendous management because they cut corners on employee costs and try to save money by hiring bottom of the barrel staff.

This is what you might call the antithesis of the Danny Meyer concept. As Shake Shack prepares to go IPO with Danny Meyer now a multimillionaire, P.J. Clarke’s is closing down their attempt to compete with Shake Shack, and suing Brookfield to prevent eviction from Brookfield Place.

You get what you pay for, P.J. Clark. You get what you pay for.

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  1. NN says:

    I believe it used to be a GoodBurger before PJ Clarkes? Also not that great compared to the other options in the area and the food trucks really eating into biz.

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