South End Avenue needs to have front-in angled parking and storefronts closer to the street

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front in parking old greenwichUpdate June 22, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Three years ago, the DOT was prepared to make much needed changes to South End Avenue, emulating what the world renown PPS designers would have done, which included, among other things, a change of parking from parallel to front-in angled parking. The four lanes were to be reduced to two.

This style of parking slows the traffic down and makes a region of commerce feel more like a community than a highway.

Also, the recessed store fronts now hidden in gloomy shadows would be moved forward to the street more.

However, uneducated, untrained, non-civil-architects on the CB1, such as Tammy Meltzer, obstructed the plans.

Well, I am visiting in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, and I like this town. One thing that I noticed was the front-in angled parking. It makes a huge difference.

October 1, 2013- The City DOT presented the final plans to improve safety on West Thames and South End Avenue. the CB1 passed a resolution supporting it, with a few possible changes, that the DOT may or may not make.


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5 Responses to South End Avenue needs to have front-in angled parking and storefronts closer to the street

  1. Bruce Goldstein says:

    Hey there,

    There’s one thing you guys don’t raise hell about:

    The people who don’t stop can do three things:
    1: If he goes straight, he can hit somebody coming out of Gristedes.
    2: If he makes a left, he can smack into the car coming at him across South End,
    who doesn’t have a stop sign on West Thames either.

    How many people need to get by cars to put up a sign?

    Bruce Goldstein

  2. Editor says:


    Oh yes we do. This is an ongoing effort and thanks to BP.TV and others we are getting the DOT to add stop signs!!

  3. Bruce Goldstein says:

    Thank you!

  4. Battery Park Dad says:

    This is awesome — great work. Any news on whether this will get funded by Comrade DiBlasio? I know there were some questions regarding the new Transportation Commissioner . . .

  5. Bill says:

    Back-in parking works better and causes less accidents. Minor detail, but I totally agree otherwise.

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