Fired city parks officer wants job back

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Captain Falcon of PEPNovember 1, 2013- BatteryPark.TV has reported on the problems at the top with our local Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers, led by Captain Ed Falcon. The New York City Parks Department has endemic problems.

The Post is reporting, “A Parks Department boss, demoted after a probe revealed what he dismissed as his “off-kilter” management style — including bizarre party antics — sued Thursday to get his job back. James Cafaro, 53, former deputy chief of operations at Parks, allegedly stuffed a $20 bill in a co-worker’s waistband during a boozy pole-dancing party at a city facility, flirted with underlings, and stored lewd photos on a work-issued phone. He was suspended without pay last May after two employees accused him of sexual harassment.”

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