Should kayakers blow whistles when they leave port?

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Nancy BrousAugust 29, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV previously reported how kayak activists complained to the Coast Guard about theoretical safety issues with larger passenger ferries causing the Coast Guard to enforce old rules about sounding horns when docking. The result has been a daily menace to society of nonstop ferry boat horns.

Ironically, last week, many kayakers used North Cove Marina during the Around Manhattan swim as they accompanied swimmers. Yet none of the kayaks sounded a horn as they left the marina. A small kayak can cause a major collision and death just like a larger ferry.

Should kayakers be required to blue a whistle or fire an air horn when they cross ferry boat paths, or leave the docks? Do low invisible kayaks pose deadly risks to passenger vessels?

New York Times covers our story on kayak activists

New Yorker Magazine covers our story on kayak activists

Are kayaks a danger to the waterways?

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2 Responses to Should kayakers blow whistles when they leave port?

  1. BPCblues says:

    Due to hotel guest complaints about the incredibly obnoxious horns from the Battery Park City ferry boats, management has allowed free transfers to the Millenium Hotel on Church Street. What this means is, even rooms on the back side of the hotel in the Goldman Sachs-owned building are impacted by the noise pollution caused by the Coast Guard and kayaker Nancy Brous. The fight against the horns rages on….Please sign the petition!

  2. Fran says:

    trying to get more people involved here now ..this is insane …perhaps a new kayak route would be the answer….as they never worried about SWIMMERS? before and i have lived here for 32 yrs and never heard of anything ….hopefully the citi bikers will not have to blow there horns when entering or leaving…such nonsense…..also maybe the real estate agents can mention this when showing those expensive apts……..

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