The perverted “knockout game” violent assaults

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November 22, 2013- The local news is covering as the lead story a recent ‘knockout game” attack of a Jewish man in Brooklyn, early Friday morning. All four alleged attackers were arrested, and have long arrest records. BatteryPark.TV was the first to report on this growing problem months ago (full story below). “We inform”.

November 19. 2013- At the October NYPD First Precinct community affairs meeting, a member of the audience asked the police about a topic from a BatteryPark.TV report relating to gangs of young men on bikes randomly assaulting joggers, etc. The Captain of the force seemed to be unaware of our reporting or the incident in question. In fact, some of the NYPD groupies (people who regularly attend the meetings) began to snicker at the BatteryPark.TV reports as uncredible.

Today, the NY Post is reporting that a new violent game has been created called the “knockout game”, “New York City police authorities are investigating a series of unprovoked physical attacks in public places on people who are Jewish, in the form of what is called “the knockout game.”

The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to show that he can knock down some stranger on the streets, preferably with one punch, as they pass by. Often, some other member of the group records the event so that a video of that “achievement” is put on the Internet to be celebrated.

The New York authorities describe a recent series of such attacks and, because Jews have been singled out in these attacks, are considering prosecuting these assaults as hate crimes.

Many aspects of these crimes are extremely painful to think about, including the fact that responsible authorities in New York seem to have been caught by surprise, even though this knockout game has been played for years by young black gangs in other cities and other states, against people besides Jews — the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry.

Attacks of this sort have been rampant in St. Louis. But they have also occurred in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere. In Illinois, the game has often been called “polar-bear hunting” by the young thugs, presumably because the targets are white.

The main reason for many people’s surprise is that the mainstream media have usually suppressed news about the knockout game or about other and larger forms of similar orchestrated racial violence in dozens of cities in every region of the country. Sometimes, the attacks are reported, but only as isolated attacks by unspecified “teens” or “young people” against unspecified victims, without any reference to the racial makeup of the attackers or the victims — and with no mention of racial epithets by the young hoodlums exulting in their own “achievement.”

Despite such pious phrases as “troubled youths,” the attackers are often in a merry, festive mood. In a sustained mass attack in Milwaukee, going far beyond the dimensions of a passing knockout game, the attackers were laughing and eating chips, as if it were a picnic. One of them observed casually, “White girl bleed a lot.””

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  1. Elexis Smith says:

    I don’t understand how knocking innocent people out is a way of having fun… This is ridiculous. It can be anyone. It could be a mother walking with her children.
    I happen to work as a social media community manager for a company called ICE BlackBox. It’s a new app that’s free and it allows you to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. I’m trying to get the word out to as many people as possible because it can help protect anyone from this new “knockout trend” and help deter crimes such as rape, domestic violence, and abuse. To give just a little more information about what the app does, it streams video, audio, and GPS location and sends a link to anyone’s ICE contacts. It also allows you to directly call 911. Please help spread the word about this, as there are more people who learn about this, many lives can be saved.

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