NYPD vs. Port Authority in WTC power struggle

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112213Commandpost1BSNovember 23, 2013- The NY Post is reporting, “For years, the Port Authority and the NYPD have battled over who should provide security at Ground Zero — with each claiming jurisdiction over the hallowed site and trying to squeeze out the other. The PA Police Department lobbed a salvo at its city-cop rivals last month by putting up a guard booth at the site bearing the agency’s logo.

The move riled NYPD officials, who retaliated Wednesday night by ordering cops to roll up a massive mobile command center, bearing the department’s own giant logo, and park just feet away. Angry PAPD bosses first tried to use diplomacy — asking the NYPD in the nicest way possible to lose the truck, sources said. But the department refused.

Not to be outdone by the city cops, the PAPD then looked to its own fleet for retaliation. A few hours later, they pulled up behind the NYPD’s truck with a newer, shinier, more high-tech command center that even had a satellite dish on top.”

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