Governor Cuomo is outsmarting Mayor de Blasio

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Seaport homeless camp AJanuary 3, 2016- The Post reports how Governor Cuomo plans to take action to reduce the number of homeless on the streets. He will use the excuse of cold weather to force them into shelters.

We have previously pointed out how de Blasio is bungling the homeless problem, creating a city that is now worse than the high-crime days of the 1970’s.

The Post article went, “Gov. Cuomo announced today that he’s issuing an executive order to force homeless people into shelters when temperatures sink to life-threatening levels.

“We want to make sure that every New Yorker has a place to be sheltered and don’t have to be in the cold weather,” he said on 1010 WINS Sunday morning.

The move could exacerbate tensions between Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, who have been openly feuding since the summer after de Blasio accused the governor of being vengeful.

Cuomo said that under current law, cities can now require homeless people to be put in shelters, but that his state mandate requires it. He noted that de Blasio was given prior notice of his announcement. The executive order takes effect Tuesday.”

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