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July 28, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

A viewer commented today, “Where have all the PEP gone?”.

BatteryPark.TV previously investigated the contract that spells out the number of Park Enforcement Patrol officers that the city is supposed to supply the BPCA. For $2.5 Million, the BPCA is supposed to be receiving no fewer than 11 PEP on duty at al times, during the summer months. However, for anyone who walks or bikes the parks, there are often no PEP to be found.

Where are they? Are they all inside the office being derelict of duty? Is the city taking BPCA money and then reassigning those PEP to other parks?

Let’s find out using crowdsourcing. Starting this evening, anyone reading this article, please tell us if you see any PEP officers, and the details of their location and time. Please help most with the West Thames playground, basketball courts, and grass field.

Violent crime in West Thames park, and no PEP in sight

Not a single PEP south of Pier 40

Not a single PEP officer to be found

Exclusive: Is the BPCA paying the city for no-show PEP officers?

PEP refuse to enforce West Thames grass field rules, leading to destruction of grass

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