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Esplanade and PEP joggersIt is now clear that our expensive Park Enforcement Patrol are not showing up for duty in the numbers provided for in the contract between the BPCA and city. BatteryPark.TV has learned that BPC-funded PEP are being reassigned to the south in Battery Park (not to be confused with BPC), and to the north in the Hudson River Park. That is illegal.

If you walk your dog, ride your bike, or jog regularly, please email us when you see one of the BPC PEP officers patrolling in other parks.  Take photos as well.

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  1. D says:

    Where have all the PEP gone?

    The past couple of weekends, I have been on long, leisurely walks along the promenade, from the far end by the Jewish museum, down towards the harbor and then continuing past the ferry and to where the crazy golf is located on the tribeca pier. I spent more than 4 hours wandering around. I did not see one PEP officer.. not one! No one walking…as they used to in the old days, before they all got the fancy go carts. Not even one of those whizzed me by.

    Where are they?

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