The Clintons are the secret puppeteers pushing the De Blasio Robin Hood agenda

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Clinton de Blasio Stringer JacksonMarch 22, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Mayor de Blasio’s approval ratings are declining as he proceeds to attempt to redistribute funds and resources from the wealthier parts of Manhattan to the other boroughs. Who is really behind this political suicide Robin Hood agenda?

Mayor de Blasio’s snow plows ignored Manhattan in favor of his Brooklyn. Now, we learn that he wants to take the park staff made possible by private funds from park conservancies and redistribute them to poorer parks.

Clinton and de Blasio

Of course, the biggest effort to steal from the rich to pay for the poor is causing fellow Democrat. Governor Cuomo, to object. The mayor wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund Pre-K schooling. Oh, by the way, he wants to close down successful charter schools because they are a threat to his school union backers.

With the national population shifting toward groups that used to be minorities, the people who have eyes on the White House in 2016 know that programs appealing to the poor or underprivileged will pay off in the election. While Mayor de Blasio’s Robin Hood agenda his hurting him locally it is earning him goodwill with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake, Mayor de Blasio was elected because of the help provided by the Clintons. Mr. de Blasio worked in the Clinton administration, and Bill Clinton swore him in on January 1st. In political terms, he owes the Clintons.

Also factoring in is the possible 2016 presidential candidacy of Governor Cuomo. It is poor form to campaign for an office before he wins re-election in 2014, but make no mistake, Governor Cuomo is running for POTUS. Therefore, the very public butting of heads between de Blasio and Cuomo of Pre-K funding is really al about Mr. de Blasio acting as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton to force the governor to seem uncaring about poor kids.

By the way, liberal Democrats should think twice before supporting Mrs. Clinton. The most liberal political forces in the country, out in Hollywood, oppose her again. They have already hosted a fundraiser for Governor Cuomo that raised close to a million dollars.

Hollywood set to oppose Hillary Clinton again

The real reason Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are butting heads

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