High winds blow out windows in Gateway Plaza

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Gateway windows 2March 13, 2014- A woman who lives in Gateway Plaza circulated this plea.

“Dear Friends & Neighbors,

After returning from a grueling day of walking dogs in 25 MPH winds, I came upon a disturbing scene. I was headed over to the esplanade to walk my own dogs today @ approximately 4:30 PM from my building 375 SEA. As I approached the entrance to Gateway I suddenly noticed yellow police tape blocking my path. The yellow tape was in front of the US Mail Box to both the right & far left of the neighborhood coffee shop which sits directly under the 395 Building. There was a security guard directing people, cars and taxis away from this location. I asked him what was happening because I believe in the “If you see something say something” NYC code. The guard politely informed me that a window blew out of the 395 SEA building on the 9th floor. Sure enough when I looked up their was a gaping hole where a window once sat.

I have since contacted 311, 911 & The Department of Buildings. Complaints in my name have been filed. But more needs to be done.

Last night as the temperatures dropped I noticed yet again that my windows were shaking as they often do during inclement weather. Winter will come to an end and with that we will see Spring & Summer storms. Let’s not forget that Hurricane Sandy was less than 18 months ago.

Aside of the outrageous heating/electric bills that many residents are struggling with, now our safety is at stake. How can the Lefrak organization continue to treat the residents of Gateway in this manner?

We have nothing to fear if we take a united stand against Lefrak. There is power in numbers and we have 1800 apartments in this complex.

One window blowing out is one window too many! Does an innocent person need to be hurt before Lefrak keeps its promise to the residents of this beloved community. And when the work progresses, let’s advocate for the best that money can buy and not the continued shoddy workmanship of Lefrak.

And by the way, I am a 20 year resident of Gateway. If Bin Laden didn’t drive me out, corrupt landlords won’t force me out either.

Thanks for taking the time to read this document. If you think it will help pass my story on to your friends and neighbors, too.

Barbara Stoebel”

Should Gateway Plaza be condemned?

Inspired by BP.TV, Gateway tenants take action into their own hands


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5 Responses to High winds blow out windows in Gateway Plaza

  1. strongnyc8@gmail.com says:

    Thank you for posting

  2. GTumminia@gatewayny.com says:

    This story is so far from the truth. A tenant on the 9th floor reported a crack in their window. The crack was on the outside pane of glass on a double pane sash. As a preventative action we elected to remove the outside pain of glass to avoid additional damages from the high winds experienced yesterday.

    The truth is far different than reporting that a window fell out of the building. A repair contractor has been scheduled for today to make a complete repair.

    Greg Tumminia, Gateway Plaza building manager

  3. residentBPC says:

    Case in point….. Crappy windows!!

  4. Resident Gateway says:

    Greg Tumminia you are so full of shit it’s coming out of your ears. No one has “double paned glass”
    It would great if you actually did install proper double paned glass but you obviously have no power and incompetent on what you do have power over.
    So just fix what needs to be fixed. And stop raping everyone with your corrupt utility bills

  5. Dr. Kim Lurie says:

    I have a double pane glass on my terrace door – which of course blew out shattering glass all over my Uncle who was visiting, when the wind blew the door slamming it into the wall..

    Gateway never thought it was important for liability purposes to install the missing hydraulic arm on the door before I moved in and someone got hurt. Only AFTER the glass shattered all over my Uncle, then outside contractor shows up to put the hydraulic arm in the “holes” that were clearly in the door for that purpose.

    Of course, they did it all wrong and now it has ripped up the blinds and my curtains but hey…..it’s only $45,000 per year in rent.

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