The Netflix Late Reviewer- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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TV screen with feetMarch 13, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

This second installment in The Hunger Games has earned $424 Million to date, domestic. Star Jennifer Lawrence delivered another great performance, and some of the scenes were intriguing. However, overall, this flick is excruciating to watch, at least from a grown man’s perspective.

Since 40 Million people paid money to see Hunger Games Part 2 in the theaters, my opinion obviously should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, here it is.

I cannot get over the fundamental premise of the plot, which is that an extremely morbid televised game resulting in the death of everyone but the victor, serves as a propgada tool for the government to appease the masses. Human nature would never allow such an event to be entertaining since the people being killed are their own kind.

Unlike Roman gladiator fights which involved slaves from strange lands, eliciting less empathy from the jaded crowds in the Coliseum, the people in the Hunger games are little girls, etc. taken from the villages by force. Such an event would generate riots.

If the viewer can get over that creepiness, then the next fatal flaws of this movie are that too many of the scenes are sappy and written for prepubescent girls, and the plot is too similar to Part 1.

If you plan to watch the movie using the fast forward button, then fine. That is what I did. If you have other selections on your Netflix queue, then stay hungry and watch something else.

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