Drunk businessman provokes homeless man in Teardrop Park, gets stabbed

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Asphalt Green lightsNovember 12, 2013- The recent reporting of a stabbing in front of Asphalt Green (212 North End Avenue) was not all that it seemed. BatteryPark.TV has exclusively learned that the 50-year-old homeless man, who stabbed another 33-year-old man from Staten Island with scissors, was actually provoked. The homeless man felt threatened that he might be robbed.

According to sources investigating the matter, the man stabbed was drinking heavily in Harry’s Italian in the Goldman Alley. He works in the nearby World Financial Center. For unknown reasons, he left after 3:00 AM (Harry’s is allowed to serve drinks until 4:00 AM) and walked into Teardrop Park, when he spotted the homeless man on a bench. He then sat next to the man and began harassing him with questions, such as “Why are you homeless?” At which point, the homeless man reached into his belongings, pulled out scissors, and used them as a weapon.

The accounts described above are known because the stabbing victim admitted them to police. This is likely why the Grand Jury declined to indict the homeless man.

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