How the hell did this happen?

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May 25, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I was driving south on Highway 1 in South Florida and saw numerous “for rent” signs on establishments that had gone out of business. However, I saw the large box stores, such as Walmart, still in business and doing well.

This has been discussed only a little bit in the press. How did this happen?

Walmart is basically a subsidiary of the country of China. Everything they sell is from China.

Amazon, also doing well in this pandemic, is run by Jeff Bezos. He is actively trying to get Trump ousted and will do anything possible, including shut down the country. His Washington Post is a propaganda outlet.

These big box companies are thriving as small American companies have been put out of business. One can’t even blame the democrat governors because it is happening here in Florida too. What the heck?

I then reached my destination, which was a coffee shop in a marina in Stuart, Florida. I was sitting next to three college girls. I asked them whether they were still paying tuition despite the fact that their schools had shut down. They are.

That is a big story I have not heard discussed in the media either. College has always been a scam. Now it is even worse. The colleges are taking huge amounts of money away from these kids, getting them into a lifetime of debt, and yet not even providing them with an education at all.

Moreover, there is no need to shut down colleges. We now know the biological reason for the Wuhan virus attacking elderly and not the young. Younger people do not have the ACE-2 receptors on the cells in their noses that the virus uses.[1] The number of people in college that would get sick from this virus is no more than any other illness like the regular flu.

The education in most of these liberal arts schools has always been speculative and mostly useless. Now, they are not even bothering to give an education to the gullible kids.

Why don’t they just give a diploma in exchange for money like Trump University did? That’s pretty much what they have been doing all along. They provide a diploma after four years and lots of money but deliver no real education. In the meantime, the colleges provide an entertainment and networking experience as appeasement.

The federal student loan program should stop awarding loans to schools closed down. This is a financial scam.

The way that the establishment, from colleges to big-box stores, has profited from this pandemic is mind-blowing. How the hell did this happen?

[1] Bunyavanich S, et al “Nasal Gene Expression of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 in Children and Adults” JAMA. Published online May 20, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.8707



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3 Responses to How the hell did this happen?

  1. CM says:


    You are absolutely spot on. Another nail in the coffin for small business vs corporatization of the US. It is absolutely awful what is happening in the “real world” and all these talking heads sitting in NYC, Long Island and Westchester have no clue.

    A potential silver lining is a “come to Jesus” moment for commercial real estate, and realistic reset of rents that had been going to the stratosphere on zero interest rates and excess liquidity.

    If Trump can pin this on China, and make China the focus of the election, I think he has a chance.

    Love your work — as always!



  2. Editor says:

    Thank you, CM.

    Yes. I have been thinking about real estate too. If they come down in rent, that will be good. But the real estate dirtbags like to think they can hold out for years.

    Can they? Let’s see.

  3. Sam says:

    Gateway Plaza fell out of stabilization with elderly stabilized tenants in a pandemic receiving BPC market rate increases (BPCA filled with Cuomo cronies were supposedly immovable in stabilization talks)
    #killercuomo put covid patients in nursing Homes Thereby killing Off the healthy elderly. Cuomo was unprepared and had to be bailed out by feds whining the entire time.
    Can you imagine if this was a republican doing all of this?
    Instead Cuomo and his family (on tv in masks Air hugging)
    Just ran the NY Stock exchange opening bell. Media eats this all up.

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