Read Between the Lines: 8-11-2020

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Trump tweets:

  • “Play College Football!
  • More Testing, which is a good thing (we have the most in the world), equals more Cases, which is Fake News Gold. They use Cases to demean the incredible job being done by the great men & women of the U.S. fighting the China Plague!


  • Joe Biden chooses the repulsive outputting Kamala Harris as VP, as the best case scenario for Trump
  • Trump unveils new Covid adviser who backs reopening schools
  • Herd immunity has been reached: In New Zealand, life is ordinary again after 101 days with no community spread
  • Russia tries to out-do Trump’s warp-speed efforts and releases its own Wuhan virus vaccine
  • Russia approves coronavirus vaccine without completing final trials
  • Cuomo rejects independent investigation of nursing home coronavirus deaths as political | Fox News
  • Ten experts on a NIH COVID-19 panel have ties to companies involved in coronavirus treatment | Just The News
  • WSJ reports there are indicators of decreases in new coronavirus cases in much of the U.S. | Just The News
  • New York’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy
  • Small businesses are dying by the thousands — and no one is tracking the carnage
  • As bad as the massacre in NY nursing homes already seems, the death count was underestimated
  • Seattle really defunds police and Chief quits
  • Anarchist shot outside of White House and Trump told to leave press conference
  • 107-yo beat 1918 Spanish Flu and the Wuhan virus
  • I have had dinner at Tribeca Nobu with ole Jean-Luc back in 2004. He was super creepy back then. I was dating a model of his company and he would call her at 1:00 AM as he was in France and expect her to wake up.
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1 Response to Read Between the Lines: 8-11-2020

  1. Juan says:

    Didn’t Kamala state she believed Bidens rape accusers and called Biden a racist on debate stage?
    Gheesh how blinded By ambition must you be
    To be the running mate of someone you believe to be a repost and racist.
    She kept black men in prison beyond sentences and refused to hear evidence that would acquit innocent men and incarcerated pot smokers while she smoke pot
    The democrat party believes blacks will vote for this based on her skin color? Well Biden does believe blacks have no diversity of thought.
    Sponsored a bill that would transfer majority of tech jobs from Americans to Indians.

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