How the WEF is rigging this fake stock market rally

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July 29, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Wait a second. It just occurred to me. I know how this fake market rally is being manipulated. It is being driven by the globalist corporations that have colluded to lie about future expectations of earnings.

Some Wall Street social media feeds have been wondering whether or not there is a secret mechanism being driven by shadow banks to buy shares. For example, there were some shady meetings between the Federal Reserve chairman and the CEO of BlackRock, for example.

However, I do not think any new tool is being used. Instead, the normal trading algorithms are simply being manipulated by fraud.

Here is how it works on Wall Street. I know because I did this for a living. The large mutual funds are such dumb money that their algorithms are triggered to buy or sell after earnings releases based on forward-looking guidance. The portfolio managers blindly accept what the companies spew and is then regurgitated by the sell-side analysts.

The WEF and people like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink know this. So, I bet they had some meeting in Aspen and told Tim Cook of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, etc. to scheme a way to use propaganda to prevent a catastrophic market sell off after earnings were reported. They all knew their numbers would be dismal (look at their faces at the recent Aspen confab). So, they decided to deflect attention from their actual current earnings by raising guidance for the end of the year, or at least assuring people that all is well. They are manipulating the stock trading algorithms.

The reason Wall Street does not use this trick more often is that one can fool the market only so often. When those future looking numbers fail to materialize and the CEO’s have egg on their faces, the algorithms will no longer believe the press releases. The market will no longer price in the future based on the company. The CEO’s will be fired.

Companies are being led over the cliff, destroying goodwill, by the desperate WEF communists who know they are losing control. It is what they have already done to the corporate media outlets that now have zero credibly and low ratings now due to WEF-mandated propaganda for decades.

Communist movements always chew up and spit out the loyal Comrades who are no longer useful. The small number of elites controlling this sinking ship do not care whether or not a CEO loses his job in 12-months or shareholders are hurt.

Likewise, in related news, the puppets in Congress are still spending despite inflation. The several recent bills that have passed (Chip Bill and a green energy bill soon to come) are adding up to about $1 trillion in new spending over the last month alone. That will mean the end to all of those politicians as they get voted out, but the communist machine is using them as expandable pawns again.

Update August 16, 2022-

Walmart reported earnings today and is carrying on with the strategy of manipulating the markets that I detailed above. Their Q2 numbers were terrible, but they are spinning it as a positive because people who make more than $100,000 are now coming to Walmart. This means the economy is so bad that people who used to be middle class are now poor. Walmart are also lied and claimed that the end of the year will be fine, they have excess inventory under control, and that they somehow “found their footing”.

This is all part of a strategic effort coordinated by the WEF to manipulate the markets. The oligarchs want the economy for the middle class to be destroyed with inflation in taxes, but they want their asset bubbles to be maintained.

This is also why the federal reserve is lying to us. They can’t lie about the actual interest rates they set, but they are playing games with this bond re-purchase or selling process known as quantitative easing or tightening. They are supposed to be reducing the balance sheet. Instead, they are increasing the balance sheet and purchasing more bonds right now as we speak. That’s another reason the stock market is going up.

Update February 24, 2024-

Nvidia reported earnings this week. The market cap is $2 Trillion, or bigger than Canada’s GDP. Everyone thought the stock would crash if there was even a hint of trouble. So, sure enough, they beat expectations in every way. This is all rigged. I seriously doubt those numbers.

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  1. CN says:

    Yes, Companies are being led over the cliff as was done to the corporate media outlets. All major outlets for example, aired Jan 6 hearings simultaneously… and Verizon canceled One America News effective July 31st. It’s a uniparty of propaganda. CCP 2.0.

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