I am confused about British politics

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BREXITJune 26, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I wrote the following email to some friends, and Sir Michael Rawlins, one of my few UK contacts, replied.


I am confused. The UK’s Labour Party is their equivalent to our liberal Democratic Party. The Labour Party opposed Brexit. So, why did David Cameron, Prime Minster and head of the opposition Conservative Party, also oppose Brexit?

If both parties opposed it, and more than half of the voters voted to leave the EU anyway, then is the UK parliament totally out of sync with voters?

That is what is going on in the US. Real voters hate both establishment parties and have given rise to Trump and Sanders.

Do I have this screwed up or am I right?

Steven E. Greer, MD


We are all confused!

The Labour party officially opposed Brexit although a few Labour MPs were in favour.  A significant number of Tory MPs were in favour of Brexit but Cameron was opposed!  He – sadly – lost and we are now in for a long period of uncertainty.

As yoou know he is stepping down and it seems likely that Boris Johnson will – unfortunately – become the Tory leader.  In addition – and to confuse things – a significant number of Labour MPs think that Jeremy Corbin didn’t try hard enough to persuade Labour voters to vote against Brexit and are now trying to unseat him!

Even more confused??

Sir Michael Rawlins

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