West Thames bridge construction to begin in “early 2016”

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West Thames bridge looking northNovember 16, 2015- The LMDC approved the $17.2 Million, which is in addition to the $8 Million from the BPCA, to build the West Thames bridge. With Sheldon Silver on trial now, and likely going to prison soon, perhaps the LMDC figured that they had better release funds for his pet projects soon.

Considering the fact that the nearby Rector Street bridge cost only $3 Million, why this $30 Million waste of federal and local tax dollars should be a source of pride for Sheldon Silver is unknown (He sent an email bragging about this as an accomplishment).

Moreover, the bridge is utterly unnecessary. Crossing at the street level is easy, safe, and can be done by handicapped or those with baby strollers. In contrast, the new bridge will have another one of those elevators that never works, like the Chambers Street bridge.

The project is expected to take at least two years to complete, which again is excessive. A bridge like this is built off-site, then installed by cranes. It should take a month of on-site construction to complete. So, residents can expect years of “beep beep” construction vehicle noise, simply to allow a jobs creation pork project to proceed.

This project is nothing but a redistribution of tax dollars into the pockets of construction companies, which, in turn, pay into campaign PAC’s.

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6 Responses to West Thames bridge construction to begin in “early 2016”

  1. chris says:

    So when will they tear down the Rector Street Bridge?

  2. Editor says:

    Very good point.

  3. BPC74 says:

    I’ts mid-2016 and still no movement on this bridge. I don’t know why – after years of delay – they announce that construction will start “early 2016” only to once again blow past the deadline.

    Also, two years for construction? Even the lazy contractor that took half a year to install new turf at West Thames park could have gotten the bridge done by then!

    Once again, I harken back to how the Empire State Building was built in a year. The initial line of the IRT subway from City Hall to 157th Street took 4 years.

    A simple pedestrian bridge built using 21st Century technology now takes 2 years?!?!?!?!?

    It’s wonder the phrase was invented “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” the Rector Bridge is working fine (especially since they keep closing down the stairs for weeks at a time to do unnecessary replacement jobs).

    Why spend all this money on this constantly delayed bridge that will take likely MORE than 2 years to construct?

    Sounds like another boondoggle in favor of the construction unions if you ask me.

  4. mpbraverman says:

    I do wonder who exactly will benefit from this bridge. There is plenty of time to safely cross at street level! And a spacious island to wait if one needs to stop partway across. I’ve pulled some weeds while waiting there!

  5. Editor says:

    Thanks. We posted this as a story. Amazing.

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