I am literally (at the cellular level) not the same person I was two-years ago

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April 18, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I was looking at some food pictures on Instagram with the Stephen Starr restaurant feed. (It was all loaded with meat). He has a beer hall. It occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve had a beer in years. I just can’t stand the flavor. I used to have to go out of my way to find a very particular type of pale variety that was basically water.

Beer is an outdated drink, just like eating meat. It’s full of chemicals and bad ingredients.

Without even trying, I have completely transformed myself. I don’t eat meat and I don’t drink beer. It is not something I even tried to do. I just got sick of it.

I am not the same Steven Greer that I was up until 2019? Literally, what is in my cells is different.

I don’t even recall when I changed my diet. It’s not like I am an AA addict who counts the days since I quit meat. It just happened.

I don’t jog or do any aerobic exercise, so I can’t really test myself to see the effects of my healthier blood vessels (cutting out meat makes your blood vessel linings work better, releasing nitric oxide, dilating, not getting atherosclerosis, and overall delivering blood better). However, I have been basically jogging up and down a 500-yard long golf hole several times a night. I found myself scooting along at a fast pace and not even getting winded. I am in great shape without even trying.

People have commented in sheer amazement when I tell them my age.

The big downside to being healthy is that it is very difficult to travel. I don’t even like to travel now because it is so hard to find food that isn’t disgusting. Restaurants had been my sole source of interacting with humans.

(I found my records. November 3, 2019 is when I noted in my health chart that I was meatless. I had been exploring better diets back in 2017).

Wolfgang making for just me a custom meatless dinner

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