I said so in a federal lawsuit. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis is a fraud.

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November 9, 2021- by Steven E Greer

Quite shockingly, one of the newest members of congress, Nicole Malliotakis, who supposedly was a pro-Trump populist, was one of the 13 “Republicans” who voted in favor of the Biden-communist $2 Trillion pork spending plan. My instincts were right again.

In my 100-page federal complaint against Fox News, I detail how Malliotakis plagiarized my stories on the Cuomo nursing home murders. Her career is over.

In the video above is when I discuss the Cuomo matter for the first time with Rudy Giuliani. Malliotakis is a frequent guest on WABC radio, where Giuliani has a show. She knew about my statements. I even alerted her staff and she doubled down with the plagiarism insisting she was the “first one” to say it.

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