I volunteered to help in the New York virus battle and no one replied

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April 4, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have been hypercritical on this website and on national media about how all of the TV quack “doctors” are cowards, doing nothing but Skype-ing from their homes, not setting foot in the hospitals to treat patients out of fear of contracting the virus. Fox’s Nicole Saphier and Marc Siegel irk me the most. Saphier, (a radiologist who does not deliver clinical care to patients under normal circumstances) with her Botox-frozen face and full makeup, grins and preens before the camera trying to build her media image. Blabbering idiot Siegel spews whatever propaganda talking point he is told to say that day, such as, “People do not know how to properly wear a mask….masks do no good” (I do not watch CNN or ABC, but I am sure the Jennifer Ashton and Sanjay Gupta are doing the same thing).

Meanwhile, I am like the Honey Badger and “Don’t give a sh*t” about the virus risks. I have already flown to New York a few weeks ago during the height of the coronavirus fear. (By the way, I was the first one in the media to say that masks do indeed work. Now, the CDC and White House are finally saying the same thing.).

I keep hearing in the news that Governor Cuomo is begging for volunteer doctors to come to the state to help treat patients. I received one email from the state medical board requesting volunteers and replied. I have heard nothing back. Even if they did reply, I doubt that the state has arranged for ways to lodge these out-of-state volunteers or assist in travel. I also emailed heads of NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals, and no one replied.

There is nothing wrong with my training or qualifications. High-level surgeons at NYU and Bellevue could vouch for me, having trained with me 20-years ago.

As a surgeon who has performed transplants and heart surgery, inter alia, I can intubate patients and put them on vents. That is a skill in great demand. I can also place central venous and arterial lines. This is a difficult skill even more most surgeons and I seemed to have a knack for it.  Those are some of the skills that are currently the rate-limiting steps in ICUs.

If Cuomo were competent, which he is not, he would have established a website easily found by doctors that would allow them to register and received travel assistance, lodging assistance, etc. Instead, he focuses on his political career and thinks that daily whining and complaining about the federal response is acceptable.

I reiterate my comments in this essay, which are that the New York deaths rates from SARS-CoV-2 (AKA COVID-19 or coronavirus) are caused by incompetent healthcare orchestrated by the State of New York and a passive pot smoking mayor of New York City. The nurses and healthcare providers in these poorly managed hospitals are genuine heroes risking their lives. They are not the problem. However, they are working with one hand tied behind their backs to due government incompetence.

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