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May 14, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Over the years, I have gotten to interview some of the biggest names in politics, music, food, architecture, and entertainment. I spent some time curating and compiled them all into one collection:


The History of BPC by Ed Koch

CB1’s Anthony Notaro mocks FBI investigations into Sheldon Silver

It’s not just the Democrats who are corrupt in New York

How I got into the government oversight business

MSNBC interviews Steven Greer, MD about healthcare policy

CB1 passes a resolution demanding the BPCA finally recognize Pataki Highway as property it owns

Interview with the man who built the Obamacare exchanges

Senator Angus King discusses Obamacare with BatteryPark.TV


Interview with restaurateur Danny Meyer

Add Bouley’s Japanese Brushstroke to your bucket list

Chef Eric Bromberg shows how he makes his legendary Blue Ribbon fried chicken

Interview with Bâtard’s acclaimed chef, Markus Glocker

A tour of the bakery at Le District

Interview with Partner of Major Food Group about new Parm coming to BPC

The beef stew tour of 2015


Actor Steve Schirripa discusses BPC and his line of spaghetti sauces


Meet the New York surgeon who transplants entire faces

Dean of Pace college discusses importance of face to face teaching


Meet the new boss: Interview with The Who’s Roger Daltrey

Interview with musician Simon Townshend at the City Winery

Architecture and Design

Interview with the CEO of design group ICRAVE, Lionel Ohayon, about Le District

The designer of Le District gives a walking tour

A tour of World Trade Center Tower 4 and Tower 7

Exclusive tour of the Four Seasons at 30 Park Place

Exclusive sneak peak inside the Oculus transportation hub and WTC retail city

Industry and CEO’s

Interview with Dexcom’s CEO Terry Gregg

Interview with the CEO of Shinola

My new studio in Times Square

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