Images of a 66-degree day on December 12th in New York City

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man ice skating in 60 degree weather BrookfieldDecember 12, 2015- En Nino has made this winter unnaturally warm. It was 66 degrees today. This time last year, we had record snowfall.

Glen Plaskin 12-12-2015Irish memorial 12-12-2015 Kale 12-12-2015 Luminaries from stairs Marigolds 12-12-2015 Museum of Feelings crowd Museum of Feelings from south of marina People on marble stairs winter garden 12-12-2015 People outside by marina warm December 12 2015Red ivy on Albany Scaffolding 350 Albany 12-12-2015West Thames turf field 12-12-2015World Trade Center Tower 3 12-12-2015

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