Tip of the Week: Use Apple Pay

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apple-pay-e1414504064841-1940x1090November 30, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

After my bank card was cloned by Russian mobsters and used to buy alcohol at a store in Queens last year, I have been concerned about transactions that cause me to show my card to any human. That is one reason I finally purchased the iPhone, so as to use the new Apple Pay feature.

I have been using it at the local Rite Aid and Gristedes. It works very well, without any glitches.

It’s as simple as placing your phone next to the cashier device, then placing your thumb on the ID button.

Every transaction has a new card number randomly generated, for security. Apple does not keep any of the information, and no human ever sees your bank card. This is the state of the art in security.

Now, the local restaurants need to wake up and start installing the Apple Pay gadgets, or have the waiters carry portable devices.

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