Images of the new El Vez Burrito Bar

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El Vez burrito bar stroller customerMarch 17, 2015- The El Vez Burrito Bar opened. They serve either burritos or bowls. The actual burrito is totally different from the gourmet variety one can get in the sit-down restaurant next door. The tortilla is steamed, not toasted, and wrapped in foil like Chipotle. However, it is better than Chipotle, I think.

El Vez burrito being steamedEl Vez Mexican cokeThere are plenty of fine-dining details to the burrito hut. For examples, they serve Mexican Coke which uses real sugar, and the hot sauce varieties are more than a dozen. They are not just decorations. Try them out.

El Vez burrito bar sauce shelf and ladyEl Vez burrito bar burrito being foldedEl Vez chefs and manager in burrito bar El Vez burrito bowlEl Vez soft serveLastly, soft-serve ice cream seems to be the latest trend in New York dining, driven by Shake Shack’s success. Northern Tiger has soft-serve, and so does El Vez. They have exotic flavors that are true to Mexican cuisine.

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