P90X congressmen keep losing their jobs in shame

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shock absMarch 19, 2015- By Steven E Greer

First, it was Chris Lee, a U.S. congressman from New York who was tossed out after sending nude selfies. Then, it was the infamous Anthony Weiner who sent similar photos of his own wiener. Both were part of the “congressional fit club” doing cross-fit exercises like “P90X”.

Now, the next young gun and delusional narcissist congressman to lose his job is Chris weiner selfieShock. He, like his predecessors, was flaunting his abs on social media. He seemed to have lost touch with reality, decorating his congressional office to resemble Downtown Abbey, posting shirtless photos, and going on extravagant trips.

What is causing these men to lose their sanity? Is their new-found fit physiques along with the power of congress sending them over the edge in an Eliot-Spitzer-like state of delusion? Is there a drug aspect here? Are they taking steroids and HGH?

All of these congressmen seem to have in common that they were nerds most of their lives, then became powerful, and suddenly found the religion of P90X finess. This is a new phenomenon that someone will diagnose and write about.

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