Update: Is there a throat-slashing murderer on the loose Downtown?

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Sailor Tindall and Shawn Miller both found deadMarch 17, 2015- The coroner is conducting more tests, and has not yet ruled out murder, according to the Daily News. The article states, “Tindall’s death was deemed a suicide following a preliminary exam at the scene, but a spokeswoman for the city’s Medical Examiner said more tests were needed before an exact cause of death was established. There was no suicide note, but Tindall had a substance abuse problem, a police source said.”

March 15, 2015- The recent death of a 41-year-old woman, found with her wrists and throat slashed in her BPC apartment, has similarities to a death last year nearby. Recall, in November of 2014, another 41-year-old person, a male banker this time, was found dead in his apartment by the W Hotel in FiDi. His throat was also slashed.

Early reports in the news about the banker’s death indicated a “mystery man” was seen on security cameras entering the apartment with him. Then, later reports indicated that it was likely a suicide. However, throat slashing is a very unusual way to commit suicide.

The BPC woman was found with her wrists and throat slashed, as was the male banker. They were both also of the same race, age, and single.

Are the two cases related? Was someone using social media dating sites to target them? Stay tuned.

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