It really was a Plandemic

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April 12, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

This speech by Bobby Kennedy speech is enlightening to me and I wrote the damn book on Tony Fauci. I did not know half of this.

The military and its shell company, the NIH, which it uses to launder money, along with the CIA, have been doing war-games ever since September 11, 2001. The Patriot Act allowed the bioweapons programs to be revived. When virus lab leaks occurred several times in the U.S., Tony Fauci offshored the labs to Ukraine and Wuhan, China.

Every year, they have simulated pandemics in exercises. They (i.e., the CIA, military, NIH, etc.) learned a long time ago that the first thing one has to do is to shut down freedom of speech and stoke fear in order to control the masses. The goal is to get the population to conform.

When you have a bioweapon, you also make at the same time a vaccine as an antidote. Because bioweapons are uncontrollable, they will blow back and hit one’s own population. The idea is that the U.S. is supposed to vaccinate Americans to prevent mass casualties.

It is a simplistic approach that only a military or CIA person would think works. Vaccines don’t work against coronaviruses, for example. For other vaccines, there will be safety issues. Vaccines cannot be made to tailor-fit a bioweapon. Because the idea of making an antidote to one’s own WMD is foolish, mass casualties of one’s own people is a given. They know that, but the big thinkers at the CIA and military don’t give a shit.

In September of 2019, they knew that the Wuhan virus had escaped. That is when they put the wheels in motion to start censoring the news, forcing this stupid vaccine onto everybody, etc.

I think their rationale for forcing an unsafe vaccine, knowing there would be mass casualties, was that, in the big picture, a so-so partially effective vaccine was going to save lives a little bit. It was better than nothing, they thought. However, they did not realize that that their vaccine was completely ineffective and was only causing harm. When the assclowns saw zero efficacy from the Pfizer-Moderna shot, they committed classic bureaucratic crimes by doubling down and ordering booster shots.

By the way, China knows all of this. That is why the biggest country on the planet never used the Pfizer vaccines.

This coronavirus crime against humanity was not just government incompetence after an accident. Their entire response to this had been planned for decades after September 11, 2001. None of it would stand the light of day or scrutiny. That is why they keep it secret.

It was a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats and bad scientists, motivated by grant money and other distortions, that led to this crime against humanity. It was a Plandemic.


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  1. Charles CARROLL says:

    And, could the timing have been selected to effect Trumps reelection?

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