What 100 million views of an anti-transgender film means

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June 3, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As I have written previously, the aggressive transgender movement is a “softening up” propaganda effort by the modern-day Fourth Reich and Chinese Communist Party. It is a violent form of fascism using stooges to prepare the country for a more totalitarian control by digital currency and control of the food supply.

Therefore, it is very interesting to see today that the Matt Walsh anti-transgender film “What is a woman?” has already received 100 million views on Twitter and Elon Musk is personally promoting it (but only after a Twitter employee initially censored it). That is the Resistance to the Fourth Reich showing.

I watched a 1943 United States government film called “The Nazis Strike” that was created to prepare the country for a war against Nazi Germany. This was after Pearl Harbor dragged us into the war. It is historically accurate. It showed how the Nazis had infiltrated American culture as part of the “softening up” strategist of the Nazis. For example, Madison Square Garden in New York City was the venue for a large Nazi rally that looked exactly like it a Hitler rally in Germany.

Prior to Pearl Harbor in 1941, Americans were not fighting back against Hitler. Nazis and Hitler were not yet viewed as the monsters that they are now. In fact, Hitler was well connected with the gullible liberals running the Hollywood industry.

If it were not for Pearl Harbor, Hitler would have gotten away with his plan for global dominance. After WW1, there was no appetite for another blood-shedding.

Over in Europe, the British PM Neville Chamberlain was an extreme pacifist. He negotiated a deal that handed over Czechoslovakia to Hitler without a gun being fired. That led to a series of dominoes falling and the complete takeover of France and Poland.

People are afraid to fight a strong totalitarian regime. But appeasement never works. The strong interest in the resistance film “What is a Woman” is a hope that our current generation will rise up against the Fourth Reich.

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