The trans terrorists are soldiers from China’s CCP

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March 29, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

Tucker Carlson addressed the trans-terrorists and why they chose a church to shoot in Nashville. However, he evaded the 800-lbs gorilla in the room. He made no reference to the organizers of all of this. As I have mentioned, the Chinese CCP is behind it all.

China uses TikTock to promote the perverted ideology that biological sexes are not real. It then funnels money into organizations that institutionalize it, such as Randi Weingarten’s teacher’s union (The teacher’s union also promotes ADHD drugs and antidepressants, which put people into suicide/homicidal states of mind). Through government agencies in the USA that the CCP controls, it codifies the trans movement in the form of Biden executive orders and actions by the DOJ, etc.

Joe Biden was asked about the Nashville shooting and whether or not it was a hate crime against Christians. He responded with a partisan joke. AG Garland refused to blame the trans movement for the Nashville shooter. Police are not making public the manifesto of the shooter (just as they covered up the 2017 Las Vegas massacre committed by a Trump hater provoked by the media).

Biden is 100% compromised by his family’s corruption that is fueled by CCP bribes. He is a puppet of the CCP. This is how the CCP still has an April 1st “Trans Day of Vengeance” planned at the Supreme Court, federal property, in the epicenter of the swamp.

The good news is that China is struggling due to its failing economy. The western version of communism being run by Klaus Schawb and his Fourth Reich are stumbling as well. The bad news is that the communists are desperate cornered animals. They have unleashed outright domestic terrorists in the form of trans people with guns, like a Joker movie.

Understand this. Treat it accordingly. Demand that your states make arrests because the Feds will not help. Then, root this evil out at the local school level.

Update April 1, 2023-

Must see as example of trans being CCP soldiers: Alex Stein crashed the the Child Trans Rally in NYC and was assault many times as CCP police did nothing.

Update April 7, 2023-

  • Suspected Transgender Mass Shooter Arrested in Colorado
  • Riley Gaines (the former NCAA female swimmer who opposes men competing against women) was violently accosted, ambushed, and physically assaulted during a speech on sex discrimination women face in their own single-sex sports category.
  • Tucker Carlson: Transgenderism is the most dangerous extremist movement in the United States

Update July 5, 2023-

Trantifa- Reported Philadelphia mass shooting suspect posted cross-dressing pics on Facebook

Update January 4, 2024-

The mass shooter at Perry High has been identified as Dylan Butler It appears that the shooter was an online LGBTQ activist & part of the community

Update February 11, 2024-

Lakewood Church shooter identified as a transvestite woman, legal name Genesse Moreno, going by the name “Jeffrey.” She is an El Salvador illegal too.

May 11, 2024-

Houston- Horrific moment ‘transgender’ killer strikes man walking down road at high speed with Dodge Challenger, reverses over him, straddles and kisses him before stabbing him nine times


Steven E. Greer, MD testifies to The Ohio Board of Education opposing Biden’s agenda grooming transgenders: Part 1

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One Response to The trans terrorists are soldiers from China’s CCP

  1. Mike says:

    So, as your friend, I can say, and I doubt you will fight me, that you are a very smart gadfly who is prone to hyperbole at times. With that said, you were the first one who made this connection between gender bending and these shootings. Given the low quantity of these types of events, the correlation between the woke sex and being a school shooter is pretty high. Of course, I think you also have to be pretty pissed at the world to cut your dick off…

    Looking like some of the media has picked up your insight.


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