Italians cooking up Chinese food. What could go wrong?

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Chinese beef ribs at ParmJuly 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

When it comes to disappointing dinners, no one is a bigger spoiled brat, crybaby, who holds a grudge, more than I am. I get angry when I have a bad dinner because it ruins the evening. I get mostly mad at myself, because I make the stupid decision.

Well, I am having one of those moments.

I went to Parm to have the Sunday special, which is a “Chinese dinner”. I was expecting a type of rice and chicken entree, or perhaps noodles since Parm is Italian. But no. Out came some huge beef ribs on top of fried rice, with a plate of fried broccoli, and some fried chip strips of some sort.

The ribs were very fatty. I found little meat on them. The rice beneath was not exactly Chinese fried rice that I am used to, putting it politely. The fried vegetables had a flavor that was atypical for Chinese cuisine.

All of this was not cheap, either. I paid $35 for this bad Roman experiment. The worst part is that I have no one to blame but myself.

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