PEP refuse to enforce West Thames grass field rules, leading to destruction of grass

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West Thames grass field damageJune 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The BPCA is still refusing to acknowledge that the strip of land along the West Side Highway is now BPCA responsibility, per the newly passed A8031 law. BPCA spokesperson, Robin Forst, confirmed to BatteryPark.TV that the authority does not recognize this “Pataki Highway” as their responsibility.

As a result of this turf war being waged between the BPCA and the HRPT (the former owner of the land), the Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) are still being instructed to not patrol the West Thames grass field and enforce the rules. Consequently, children have been wearing cleated shoes, destroying the grass (Also, massive drug problems have erupted, with teens selling drugs in those parks).

In other large lawns within BPC, such as Wagoner and Rockefellers Parks, the PEP would never allow organized sports or people wearing cleats. That is why the grass fields in BPC are always green and lush.

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West Thame grass field damage from bridge 6-24-2014

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