It’s a myth that “Women love shopping”

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Scoop discount sale signs 2June 15, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

With the large retail chains all struggling across the nation, and Brookfield Place on the verge of failing, it made me wonder. If it is true that women love to shop at stores and malls to get a better fit, or see the product in person, or to get away for a few hours, then why are these bricks-and-mortar stores failing?

As a man, I hated shopping, and now buy more clothes since I can get them from online retailers with great return and shipping policies. Are women of the same mind?

I asked some women why they no longer shop in real stores, and learned that they too “hate to shop” in person at a store. With the hard data in the form of plummeting retail sales to back this up, I am concluding that it was a myth that women somehow enjoy torturing themselves at malls more than men do.

Amazon and all of the other online retailers have been a truly disruptive technology. It is an amazing phenomenon to witness.

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