How Apple TV will kill off expensive bundled cable TV plans

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Apple TVMarch 22, 2015- The LA Times reports, “Anyone who’s been thinking about cutting the pay-TV cord now has more food for thought.

Apple made headlines this week with plans for an online TV service featuring 25 channels. Sony took the wraps off its PlayStation Vue video service. And HBO revealed plans to make its new online service, HBO Now, available directly to consumers on various devices.

These are some pretty major developments, showing that consumers no longer have to be held hostage by conventional pay-TV companies and their bloated bundles of hundreds of unwanted channels.

But we still have a ways to go before people can purchase only the channels they watch.

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One Response to How Apple TV will kill off expensive bundled cable TV plans

  1. KD says:

    Love Apple but problem may be contracted individually with say ESPN, etc…when you see
    all that you want and add it up may be about the same as Cable Companies, but at least
    you can only contract for what you want. Thanks Steve…love your site

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