Jenn Sterger in the tabloids again

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Jenn Sterger GoodellUpdate January 31, 2014- Remember way back in 2010 when BatteryPark.TV exclusively reported on the local waitress who became famous for being the recipient of sexual advances from Brett Favre (see below)? Well, she is in the news again.

The Post reports that she ran into NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a restaurant. There is no story here, whatsoever, but it is gratuitous click seeking by the Post (so we too will repeat the story).

Update October 12, 2010

As of this morning, the day after the Jets/Vikings game which highlighted the Brett Favre scandal, the key witness to the case, Jenn Sterger, below, has not spoken to the press nor confirmed any of the details. The most damning evidence of the alleged scandal would be the nude “sext” photos that Mr. Favre supposedly sent, but those too are not surfacing.

Sources close to the matter lead us to believe that Ms. Sterger is in negotiations for a financial settlement, whereby she would agree to not speak to the press or the NFL and the entire situation would go away. This same tactic has been successfully used for damage control with other high-profile cases like the Tiger Woods mistress scandals. Stay tuned.


October 9, 2010

The NFL is now investigating some heavily edited audio tapes posted on a web site that allegedly portray NFL legend Brett Favre as a creepy stalker to a “sideline reporter” of the New York Jets, back when he played for the Jets. The edited nature of the audio makes them inadmissible as evidence in either a criminal or civil court.

The “reporter’s” name is Jenn Sterger. However, Ms. Sterger was also a food server and part-time bartender at a restaurant on Stone Street in the Financial District of New York City after Brett Favre left the Jets. Ms. Sterger was known to make mention of Brett Favre to patrons of that restaurant.

Later, Ms. Sterger became one of the staff for a sports show on cable’s Versus network. As of 2010, she was still filling in part-time as a bartender. Previous to all of this, she has appeared nude in several and features, whereby she stated, “My butt never really got the attention it deserved”. That comment was made after she had become part of the Versus network team.

One would be justifiably cynical of this entire “scandal” given the 15-minutes of fame the Mexican reporter recently gained by alleging the Jets harassed her, the low visibility of Ms. Sterger heretofore, and other high-profile shakedowns of celebrities by financially strapped people (e.g. David Letterman, Mel Gibson, etc). However, Brett Favre is also one of the most coddled stars of the league and certainly could be a possible narcissistic offender believing that he was somehow above the law and impervious to bad press, ala Tiger Woods’ bizarre messages on voicemail.

The real lesson here for anyone, of any sex, is to not leave voice messages. Jerry Brown, running for Governor of California, is also in the news this weekend for accidentally leaving an insulting message about Meg Whitman. Moreover, never text anyone with compromising photos or words.


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