Joe Piscopo interviews Steven E. Greer, MD: 8-24-2020

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August 24, 2020- In this episode, we discuss:

  • FDA approval of convalescent plasma to treat the Wuhan virus
  • The bigger picture is that antibodies made by people who have come across the virus (which are what plasma is made from) do indeed confer immunity. The propagandists don’t want this to get out. Why?
  • If people started getting tested for antibodies rather than the presence of the actual virus, then millions could give the middle finger to the lockdowns and go back to work.
  • Have you noticed that no one is talking about antibody testing?
  • My Never Again essay

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1 Response to Joe Piscopo interviews Steven E. Greer, MD: 8-24-2020

  1. CN says:

    Dr. Greer’s interview today was like the great reveal. People with antibodies are not going to be sick or transfer the virus and thousands of lives could have been saved but lives were traded for politics.

    Where is the department of justice on this, as Dr. Greer highlighted? There will be so much well deserved litigation for all of the lives lost over political fanfare.

    And many thanks to Joe Piscapo for the courage to publish the truth, God Bless. Great job as always.

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