Never again

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August 16, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

This false Wuhan virus pandemic has set some extremely dangerous precedents that need to be reversed as soon as President Trump and the Republican Congress take over. If quick action is not taken, they will take root and become the accepted norm.

The fear of the invisible virus pandemic is powerful and has been exploited by the far-left. There’s nothing to prevent it from being exploited by a far-right government next time.

The far-left Marxists have called our bluff. They exposed that the United States Constitution is just a piece of paper. No one was willing to defend it, not even Chief Justice Roberts.

The First Amendment has been rendered meaningless. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly this year that state leaders can do whatever they want regarding arbitrary lockdown orders, even if they clearly apply only to places of worship and not casinos or large riots in the streets.

The Supreme Court has also repeatedly ruled that states have the right to arbitrarily make fiat or decrees that drastically harm their citizens. The result has been mass culling of humans in the case of nursing homes and loss of livelihood in millions of others. School children and college kids have had their lives permanently altered by these arbitrary politically motivated decisions.

These policies put in place to “flatten the curve” with masks and social distancing have not a scintilla of science to support them. The CDC has completely dropped the ball here. It is the agency created specifically to “control diseases”.

At the NIH, Anthony Fauci epitomizes the Deep State permanent bureaucrat, never elected to anything, who somehow was given immense powers to shut down global economies. The boss of Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, also has been in power far too long. The NIH and the CDC are corrupted to the core.

How can we fix the damage done and prevent it from ever happening again?

The first step would be to pass legislation against all of the above decrees. There should be federal acts that make it illegal to shut down businesses and mandate personal protective equipment because there is no scientific justification for it. In fact, the results of this global experiment are coming in now and countries with the least restrictive lockdowns had the fastest recovery to herd immunity without mass deaths that the fearmongers claimed would happen.

Then, there needs to be some sort of federal statue, or Supreme Court ruling, that allows the Department of Justice to take over cities that have run amok, such as Seattle, Portland, and New York. All of the governors and mayors have clearly broken their oaths of office for political means. It should be possible to oust a bad mayor like Bill DeBlasio in the same way that they recall leaders in California or Washington.

The first step toward putting that nation back on the right track will occur on November 3rd. There should be a purging of these spineless communist sympathizers turning a false pandemic into an opportunity for political power. Then, the weak Republican governors caving in to pressures to lockdown need to be ousted, starting with Ohio’s Mike DeWine.

And finally, the DOJ needs to arrest the billionaire communists who orchestrated all of this scamdemic. That includes the CEO’s of the globalist conglomerates who own the propaganda news media and social media. We need an Attorney General willing to prosecute treason and sedition.

In bullet-points, the plans of action are:

1) Reform the CDC. It is corrupted to the core and cannot handle pandemics. Reform the NIH as well. Never again should a 79-year-old unelected bureaucrat like Tony Fauci be given powers to close down a global economy.

2) Outlaw lockdown mandates and mask mandates. Zero science is behind them.

3) Get a Supreme Court willing to enforce the First Amendment. Lockdowns violate the constitution.

4) Make new laws to allow DOJ to more easily take over failing cities with rogue leaders breaking oaths of office.

5) Reform media coverage of pandemics: It is not protected by First Amendment to fearmonger. Perhaps coverage in the press would be first cleared by the CDC or some bipartisan congressional committee.

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2 Responses to Never again

  1. CN says:

    Excellent review in response to the issues.

  2. John says:

    I read article yesterday “New York City is never coming back and here why” I predict Chicago is next.
    DeBlasio and Cuomo ought to be in jail.
    George Soros a SS Nazi Collaborator has declared open warfare of The United States funding democratic prosecutors arresting americans for Defending their property and allowing looters to run amok.

    Nike Apple NFL The record And movie studios Etc Have collaborated with China And used slave and child labor. Yet children taught by Taylor Swift and Vogue magazine that Trump is cause of white supremacy.

    There is a law called Modern Slavery Law of 2015 and these companies could be prosecuted under it for any slavery in their supply chains. Ample evidence.

    Some rich conservative should buy all women’s magazines and social website. They are poisoning young girls minds with Marxist ideology.

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