Told you so. J&R by City Hall is closing

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JR Richards for leaseUpdate May 14, 2016- Two years later, the space sits empty. The real estate families are asking too much and Manhattan is becoming a city of empty storefronts. 

Update April 10, 2014- File this under “Told you so”. J&R is indeed closing. BatteryPark.TV was the first to use super-sleuth investigative reporting techniques to confirm that J&R was indeed closing. We inform.

March 20, 2014- A local blog reported an unconfirmed rumor that J&R electronics, which occupies an entire block by City Hall, is closing. They had not spoken with the company, so BP.TV did. We can confirm that J&R is shutting its doors.

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6 Responses to Told you so. J&R by City Hall is closing

  1. Yenta says:

    Wow…Focus was always selling products under three different names.
    I guess to “kosherize” themselves they will purchase J&R.
    I hope the manufactures – such as Bose, Apple and Samsung see the smoke beyond the screen…….
    …The deal ….2% of gross web sales…..month to month rental deal of Park Row……
    Bad deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The retailer’s have enough issues dealing with the existing “bunch” of non legit Brooklyn garages – Don’t need another “Big One” that has the J&R nomenclature.
    A zebra can not change its colors……

  2. Adam says:

    For renovation. Important detail.

  3. Editor says:

    If you believe the J&R nonsense about reopening, and that they they are just remodeling, then I have a bridge and CDO to sell you

  4. Battery Park Dad says:

    Officially dunzo: auction this week

  5. mpbraverman says:

    I don’t think Greed is Good!!

  6. divorcecoach says:

    Simultaneously with J&R departure, the owners were embroiled in a contentious divorce, I often wonder, did they have a stipulation early on to sell the property? Did one of the parties decide to dissolve it rather than split it? Since matrimonials are sealed in NY, unless one of the parties talks, we’ll never know.

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