Exclusive: Jeff Galloway led away in handcuffs to prison

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Jeff Galloway handcuffed after sentencingUpdate September 24, 2015- Jeff Galloway was released from prison on September 18th, apparently. A viewer tipped us off that she saw him walking with none other than Anthony Notaro. Why he was released early is unknown.

July 22, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

BP.TV attended the sentencing hearing of convicted felon, former lawyer, and BPC resident Jeff Galloway. Prior to today, it was not certain whether he would received prison time for evasion of taxes, or when he would begin serving.

In room 1530 of the criminal court at 100 Centre Street, Mr. Galloway, his wife, and his two lawyers were the only defendants in the room. No member of the Community Board 1 or BPC community attended the hearing in his support.

At approximately 10:30 AM, the judge entered and called Mr. Galloway to the desk before him. Mr. Galloway’s lawyer claimed that he was medically ill requiring hypertension medications. She also pleaded with the judge to allow him to have visitation rights to his children.

The Assistant District Attorney handling this case explained that Mr. Galloway had already fulfilled the portions of the plea deal requiring him to pay $600,000 and resign from the New York Bar, ending his legal career as a partner at Hubbard Hughes and Reed LLP.

The judge then sentenced Mr. Galloway to three-months in prison and five-years of probation.

After the judge spoke, Mr. Galloway remained seated for a minute as five or more uniformed court officers surrounded him. He then stood up, blew a kiss to his wife, and was handcuffed. The officers led him out the back of the court to begin his sentencing as his wife broke down in tears.

The ADA is also monitoring Mr. Galloway for any further criminal activity. They will look into his rent-stabilized complex of several apartments that his wife now lives in at Gateway Plaza. Recall, normal city law for affordable housing has a $250,000 income cutoff for eligibility in rent-stabilized apartment programs. Somehow, Mr. Galloway negotiated an opaque agreement with the BPCA to allow millionaires like himself to still receive cheap apartments. Indicted former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver took credit for the deal.

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2 Responses to Exclusive: Jeff Galloway led away in handcuffs to prison

  1. BPCResident says:

    Good riddance to this crook. And kudos to you , BatteryPark.tv, for calling this guy out YEARS ago for what he was and is: a crooked pol.

    No surprise that none of Galloway’s fellow rats on CB1 showed up to support him in court. Most of them know that Cy Vance could put them behind bars as well for the crimes they’ve commited over the years. Get ready Anthony Notaro! Cy Vance is coming for your crooked butt next!

  2. Thames Is On My Side says:

    In 2011, Galloway ran for district leader out of the defunct Lower Manhattan Democrats political club, a bunch of political hacks from CB1. Galloway needed 500 Democrats to sign a legally-binding petition to the board of elections requesting the agency put him on the Democratic Party line on the ballot on election day.

    Problem is that there were dead people “signing” his petition – and there were affidavits from others that their signatures on his petitions were forgeries.

    It went to court. Galloway was served with a subpoena to testify. But when the process server repeatedly went to serve the subpoena in the middle of the work week, Galloway was nowhere to be found – at home or office.

    Galloway claimed later that he was unable to be served because he retreated to his country home in New Jersey, and was “off the grid”, unable to receive all phone calls and emails.

    Yeah, right Jeff! Big time, white-shoe law firm partner cannot be reached for an entire week.

    Read more about it here in the NY Post: https://nypost.com/2011/07/31/pols-in-dead-heat/

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